Genes in Space is open to students in grades 7-12 who attend schools located within the United States. Immediate family members of persons employed by Boeing, miniPCR bio, New England Biolabs, or the ISS U.S. National Lab may not participate in Genes in Space.


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Your submission will be judged by a panel of scientists and thought leaders on the creative and scientific merit of your experimental idea, as well as your ability to communicate the impact and importance of this work.

  • Have you identified an important question or challenge related to space biology? (10 points)
  • Have you clearly addressed why your experiment must occur aboard the International Space Station? (10 points)
  • Have you selected a space biology problem that can be explored using molecular biology methods and identified a molecular target for investigation? (10 points)
  • Have you stated a clear and well-reasoned hypothesis? (20 points)
  • Have you presented a clear and actionable experimental plan? (20 points)
  • Does your experimental design make sensible use of the Genes in Space Toolkit? (10 points)
  • Does your proposal communicate your ideas clearly? (10 points)
  • Does your proposal inspire enthusiasm for your selected topic? (10 points)

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